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Monday, October 25, 2010

Simple Sushi

Sushi is what made me start this website.

i was looking for a simple guide to making sushi so i can do it at home and stop paying the exorbitant prices in local sushi places.

i usually stick to simple kinds of fish - salmon or red tuna fillets, but you are welcome to try any combination of fish and vegetabales (or even fruit!) you can think of.

2 cups of sushi rice (small, round grain)
4 Cups of water
15 Seaweed (Nori) sheets
400 grams fresh fish - i use red tuna or salmon fillet, but feel free to experiment with any kind of fish, seafood, fruit, etc.
vegetable strips - cucumbers, carrots, avocados

to flavor the rice:
rice vinegar,
dry white wine,

Bamboo sushi rolling mat

1. wash the rice well and cook in a pot for 20 minutes on medium heat. turn off the heat and let sit (covered) for 10-15 minutes. the rice should be soft and sticky, but not mushy.

2. while the rice is cooking, cut the vegetables and the fish into thin, long strips.

3. flavor the rice with a mixture of equal parts rice vinegar and white wine (4-5 spoons each), with half a spoon of sugar.

4. place one Nori sheet on the rolling mat and cover with rice (leave about 2 cm free) and place the fish and vegetable strips and start rolling away from you. use a little wasabi or water to glue the edge of the seaweed, and voila! the first roll is done.

5. repeat #4 untill you are out of seaweed, fish, vegetables or patience. try different combinations to keep it interesting.

note: to make thinner sushi rolls, use half a sheet and less fillings.

6. cut the roll into portions, and remove the ragged edges for a better presentation.
serve with Wasabi paste, pickled Ginger, Soy sauce, Teryaki sauce.

But wait! what do we do with the leftover fish and rice?
Bonus Recipe! fried rice balls with fish bits!
make small balls of rice, stick a bit of fish in it and cover with egg. throw into a frying pan until golden.

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